Thursday, October 24, 2013

How Can Running Save Lives?

It doesn’t take much to live a better and healthier lifestyle, again. Doctors and fitness experts around the world recommend running or jogging every morning to people who want to stay fit and slim down without having to spend money on complicated sports gear or too much time in the gym just to stay fit.

Jogging or Running?

The US Department of Health considers running and jogging heavy exercise, and both are enough to stay fit and healthy. There is a quota which you need to keep in order to meet the minimum running requirement: do at least 150 minutes of simple aerobics per week and 75 minutes of vigorous exercise (like running).

Start Slow

Don’t attempt to beat the speed of a cheetah on your first run. For starters, start slow, run at a manageable pace and try not to compete in your marathon for your first run. Doing so will only pose dangerous health risks to your body. The US Department of Health recommends finishing a mile in 13 minutes.

Run to Burn Calories

You don’t need a gym or a complicated set of exercise machines at home to stay fit or lose calories. Running, on its own, is already a good, effective way to lose weight and burn calories. Running at least 5 mph every day is enough to burn 600 calories per hour. Furthermore, running compared to walking and jogging, burns 50% more calories.

Need for Speed

Don’t be dismayed if your running speed is not fit for a marathoner. Humans can run an average of 41 kilometers per hour, slower than the speed of a rabbit, cat, and kangaroo but faster than an elephant, squirrel, and pig.

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