Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Running for Starters: Tips for Running under the Heat

One of the main reasons why professional marathoners and avid runners, in general, highly encourage running at the break of dawn or sometime in the afternoon, just an hour or two before dusk, is to steer clear from direct heat of the sun. Running under strong bouts of heat or in humid temperature will only slow you down and cause you to tire yourself out sooner than when running under cool, comfy weather.

However, if you live in a moderately humid area all-year-round, simply can’t wake up early enough for a quick jog, or would prefer running under extreme temperatures, there are still a few things you can do to make your jogging or running sessions comfortable. Applying these tweaks and additions to your running attire or running gear should help keep you cool no matter the weather.

First things first, when running, wear a sun visor or a pair of sunglasses to keep direct sunlight from your face. When under extreme weather, you will need all sorts of shade you can get from-- be it from trees, from tall buildings, from your hat, sun visor or shades.

Bring a bottle of water with you all the time. This is pretty much a given especially during sports events. You need to stay hydrated throughout the whole course should you wish to keep running for a longer period.

Wear light-colored and light-textured clothing. The cloth of choice among runners has always been nylon, but wearing light cotton running gear would not hurt either. Or better yet, wear cooling gear to keep yourself from sweating too much. Avid runners highly suggest the use of cooling gear, so you stay hydrated and stay cool while running.

Although this is not a running-related tip, it would still be wise for runners like yourself to be familiar with the symptoms and first aid care in the event of heat stroke. Heat stroke grounds runners especially during marathons. Your basic knowledge in heat stroke prevention could save a life.

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